Don’t Kiss Me You Freak

kissIt has been quite some time since my last post… been working up a storm of late, hence my slackness…  so I’m taking a quick moment to write something short and sweet.

I’m a consultant which means I either work from home or work at various client sites.  At present I’ve been at a particular client (who shall remain un-named) for the past 4 weeks.  I’m working on a small project of 4 people which means we’ve got to know each other reasonably well.  As well as is humanly possible in 4 weeks – presuming we’re not 17 and falling in crush for the first time where we spend every waking second in paroxysms of mutual obsess-erbation.  Presuming we’re not doing that.  Which we’re not.  Jeez!

Yesterday was the last day for one of the team as he’s going off to get married on Saturday.  Charming gent.  Genuinely happy for him.  Until. He.  Kissed.  Me. 

Not in a nasty way you sickos.  I was saying goodbye and congrats and good luck and all that when he leaned in for a cheek peck.  In the middle of the office at 4pm on a Thursday.  You know, a full office!

It’s just not right.  Call it excitement at the thought of the impending wedding, or 4 weeks honeymoon in Europe or just a touchy-feely kinda chap… whatever!  I don’t care.  You just don’t kiss someone in the middle of the office – that you’ve known for 4 weeks.  It’s weird.

Now I’m all paranoid that when I finish up here the week after next, everyone’s gonna be kissing me.  I can barely muster up physical affection for my husband who I love and wanna shag, let alone people who are essentially complete strangers!

People are freaks, man.  Them not me.