Friday Flix: #1 Angelica Huston & Jack Nicholson

I’ve decided to start a new ‘regular’ column called, obviously, “Friday Flix”.  The point of Friday Flix is a photo or image that has intrigued or amused me!

Today, a photo by Bob Colacello featuring Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston.

They were were together for 16 years. This photo was taken in 1973, 2 years into the relationship.  For me this is a beautiful shot, it captures so perfectly what they feel for each other in that moment.  To look at the photo is to be drawn into that yearning, enveloping, heart-wrenching look even though, for them, the rest of the world does not exist.

Of course, the relationship ended in 1989 because he got his then 26 year old daughters best friend pregnant.  But that’s the subject of another photo!