Facebook Wisdom

Most of the time, people talk about the beach more than skiiing.  Except in January.  When it’s about the same.

Kimya Dawson will be touring Sydney and Melbourne in June.  If you’re into giants.

Snoring can be fixed by wearing a rubber mouthguard.  But, even if I am snoring, I could be making money!!!!  Matt will be so thrilled.

My skin could be flawless.  Right now it’s not but someone has developed some all natural products.  And all natural products, unlike evil chemicals, won’t give you candida.  Which 30% of the female population has.  Candid, for those who don’t know (boys), is thrush.  Itchy vag syndrome.

I can get stuff for free.  And, lucky me, I can also complete FREE SURVEYS!  Yay!!!