Manboob Monday #12: Furry Boobs

Better you never in your wildest fantasies, boys and lesbians, thought you’d be checking out such a lovely furry set of knockers?


Manboob Monday #11: Simon Cowell

Sorry that this week the boob is not bare but it’s worth it, I feel, just to have the opportunity to poke fun at wankers.


The Little Mermaid Wants, Nay, NEEDS a Vagina

Tuesday Timeshift: #8 Kings

ian_mcshane-king-gilboaA few months ago I had the good luck to see a screener for a new series called Kings. It was so early that the pilot had yet to be colour graded. Well, finally, it is on air in the US.

Kings is allegorical, it tells the biblical David and Goliath story. But don’t let that put you off. It’s set in a current day alternate-universe New York, now called Gilboa. A world which is eerily clean in a post-apocolyptic sort of way and where neighbouring cities/countries (it’s hard to tell) are at war. A small town boy with a heart of gold finds himself enmeshed in the political intrigue and skullduggery of the Kings court.

It’s a bit like watching an opera, it’s over the top but it’s quite beautiful and the journey is entertaining.  I certainly wanted more when the episode finished. 

Ratings in the US have been poor and I suspect the same will occur here if it ever gets to Australia at all.  I do know that a certain free-to-air channel has the rights however with ratings in the US the way they are, well… we’ll see.   What with 10’s digital channel being sport and Nine’s being for ‘entertainment’ (whatever that means!) and Seven still yet to announce anything… perhaps we’ll start seeing a vehicle for some of these rating’s weaklings through multi-channelling?  

Who knows?!  Anyway, keep an eye out for it.  Kings is worth a watch!