Manboob Monday #17: Chicks Dig Hard Ones

Today I quote from a fellow blogger.

There are three kinds of man boobs. The first type: Hard.
Hard man boobs are the kind that you would have if you
worked out regularly. Hard man boobs are good. Chicks
dig them. The second type: Semi-hard. Semi-hard man
boobs are also good. Most chicks dig them. These are
found on dudes that work out on occasion or used to be
athletic or at least in decent shape at one point. The third
kind: Flabby. Flabby man boobs are not good at all,
unless you are a pro golfer. Chicks do not dig flabby man
boobs unless you happen to have Phil Mickelson money.
These are found on the type of dudes that were never
athletic in their lives. These dudes don’t even watch sports.

Mmmm.  Yes.  You’ve really nailed it there.  Sheer genius my good man.

/boys with breasts3 0001

Didn’t think I’d leave you completely boob-free did you?  This week, a little touchy-feely.  Aw shucks!

One Response

  1. Awesome site. Gives me the invcentive for my fitness goals this year. I hate being called fatty!!

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