I Got Teary Watching Sunrise

The show on channel 7, not the early part of the day. 

KD Lang was singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.  I must have heard her sing that song a million times and every single time I get chills.  This time I had actual tears too.  Actual grown-up, over 30, old enough to not get-emotional-about-every-damn-thing, tears.  I do realise the absurdity of it, I do.  I just can’t help it.

Matt finds it charming.  I find it bloody irritating.

I used to have a friend who called me KD because he thought I looked like a more girly version of her.  I had an up-close look at her this morning.  Annoyingly, he was actually somewhat, quite possibly, maybe right.  What a prick. 

Standing behind KD at Brekky Central, outside the glass thank christ, were a horde of 15 year old kids on some sort of school excusion.  There must have been 50 or so.  Waving and wriggling placards saying “hi mum” and “hello bulamakanka”.  Here’s KD, pouring her soul into this genius song of such delicate beauty (look, I’d love to not say ‘declicate beauty’ but have you heard the song?  what else can one say?) and behind her squealing, irritating kids.  Little shits.

I do realise I’m deflecting my embarrassment onto the little shits in a vain attempt to distract you, dear reader, from remembering that I cried while watching a morning chat show.  But you know, fuck ’em.  They’re still little shits.