Kristen hopes that being a writer will one day pay enough to support her burgeoning handbag addiction; till then she masquerades as a geek during daylight hours.

Notwithstanding short-lived stints in oh-so-cosmopolitan Milan (yes, Italy), London and a failed attempt to find a job in New York,  Kristen has lived in Sydney her entire life (that’s like, since before Nicole Kidman married Botox.  Wow.).  She loves this town like Robert Downey loves a wee snort so don’t EVER try and come between them.

From time to time she writes and makes short films – but when it comes down to it she has the visual talent of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

You can also read Kristen’s words at Side Street Sydney (an online style, arts & culture mag launching September 1), at soon-to-be launched magazine Cheep Peeps (a middle class manifesto for champagne living on a beer budget), at literary seriousness The Group (where she pretends she’s a grown-up).  Kristen also runs the charmingly voyeuristic site Letters From Famous People, the laziest film review site ever created Haiku Film Review and she masquerades as Movie Ninja in her spare time (what spare time I hear you say?).

Kristen was rejected by Better Homes & Gardens magazine (affectionately known as BHAG) and was advised to do a marketing course, you know, as a writer.  Since this demoralising experience and out of sheer terror, Kristen has steadfastly refused all well-meaning friends who have encouraged her to submit to various reputable publications ie Frankie magazine.

If you wanna contact me, please do!  krispykitchen@gmail.com

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