Tune Challenge

Tune Challenge is a daily challenge to guess a tune… well, what were you expecting me to say?  It’s pretty fucking obvious from the title!  

The first verse of a song is given and the first to respond with the correct Song Title and Artist wins a sweet prize.

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No googling the lyrics
100% correct song title is a must.
The Tune Challenge winner each day has the right to pose the Tune Challenge for the following day. They may choose not to avail themselves of this right.
The poser of a Tune Challenge must provide a sweet prize. That prize however may be imaginary.
The Panel (me) has final say over any disputes.
To unsubscribe from TuneChallenge simply email UnsubscribeTunechallenge@hodgesweb.com

5 points for a win
3 points for 2nd place
1 point per correct answer

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