Friday Flix: #2 Full Frontal Harry Potter

Equus is a play about a young man with a horse fetish.  And I do mean fetish in the sexual sense.  This is a promotional shot for the play, in which Harry Potter, sorry… Frodo… sorry, again(!)… Daniel Radcliffe is playing the lead role. 

It is a beautiful shot no doubt about it.  But come on!  It’s Harry Potter.  No amount of unsheathed member is going to convince me that he’s somehow become a sexy, manly star.  Six-pack or no, he’s still a wee lad.  Stop sniggering, that’s not what I mean.

Notice how they’ve strategically left his hairy toes in the shadows?  Back to the Shire with you, you rascally young pup!  And put that silly appendage away!!