Have I Offended You Yet? No? Well, let’s remedy that!

I’ve always held the belief that I’m un-offendable.  Clearly this is patently untrue.  What I mean is, if you tell a dirty joke, or say a rude word, I’m laughin’ mister!  Presuming it’s actually funny of course.  Although anything about boobs, bottoms (both front and back) or poo is really a gimme… the inherent comedy is hard to ignore.

So at Em’s place on Friday night, in what is essentially a room full of loud & crude women, this random guy says, and I quote –

“You girls are great. You just say ‘fuck’ whenever you want. I love it.”

Well, jeez mister.  Thanks!  I feel so liberated.

I fully acknowledge that there are women out there who aren’t so comfortable with ‘curse words’, who don’t like dirty jokes and who don’t have men as ‘mates’.  But for christs sake, are we such a shocking breed?  Are we so rare that it must be commented upon?  For that matter, is it so uncommon that it’s even noticeable???  Really, I would have thought that for anyone below the age of about 45, that sort of language is pretty normal.

I came across this question on a random forum on the interweb

“I had just finished taking my second law school exam this week. A 3 hour exam had just finished and I was packing up my stuff when I heard this 20-something year old woman say to another 20-something, “I thought that test was shi_tty!” I used to hear men talk like this all the time, but it seems that women now use more profanity than the guys. What gives? A generational thing? Some kind of new trend?”

I should add that the questioner was tagged as a ‘senior member’. I guess it’s all so subjective.  In ‘senior member’s mind, the word ‘shitty’ has a lot of power.  Whereas to those girls it was a bland statement of fact, nothing extreme about it.  I’m sure it didn’t even cross their minds that it could be construed as such. Not unlike my experience on Friday night.

A response was later posted to Senior Member which I had to show because well, just read it…

“Because women think that they can do anything that men can do. This is one of the main reasons that men stopped respecting women. Women have the mentality that they are tired of being on the receiving end of everything and therefore are dishing it out as much if not more than men. Can you understand why men don’t treat women like ladies anymore. I am a very traditional woman, and I feel flattered when a man holds a door for me or picks up something that I dropped, etc. Men and women were created with very specific roles and because of their rebellion, women have created nothing but problems for themselves, their families, and their children.”

(a) I’m gonna leave that first sentence alone cause it’s just too easy

(b) I can’t say that I’ve noticed men are less respectful… have you?  In my experience, men, in fact, both men AND women, do these kind acts out of respect, kindness and politeness.  The fact that I curse like a sailor doesn’t seem to have made a difference.  Doors are still being opened, dropped things are still being picked up…

(c) My attitude doesn’t seem to have “created nothing but problems”.  I’m happy… my friends are happy… my family are happy… I have a great job, car, house and things… a wonderful husband and many male friends that I consider to be GREAT mates.

So I’m gonna continue in my childish way and be as crass as the next ham, male or female. Whatever tickles my funnybone. So to that end, here is a video of one of the funniest jokes I have ever heard, as told by Bob Saget… ah yes, Em it’s that one!

WARNING!! if you are easily offended, fuck off because you WON’T find this at all funny… in fact, even if you are not easily offended.. be warned!