A Glass of Wine, a Smoke and My Beloved

Another visit to Soul Pancake has inspired me yet again…  “Imagine you have a fortune larger than Bill Gates. What five original works of art would you buy?”

In no particular order…


Reflected Arrows by Jeffrey Smart

I love the surreal realism of Jeffrey’s work. His blues in this painting are divine. The frame is so sparse, nothing exists within the frame without a purpose. I also love urban industrial as beautiful landscape..


Narcissus Garden by Yayoi Kusama 

This is installation art as opposed to painting but what the hell.. I love it. I saw this in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. It was installed along a long wall which had a large window box on it and on the opposite wall was a refracted coloured light installation. This meant that the balls reflected both the world outside, the audience and the other artworks around it. Genius installation by the gallery. This piece was enchanting.


The Two Fridas by Frida Kahlo

I feel such affinity with the idea of the two separate parts of a woman – the stiff, pure,dutiful, slightly broken self which endures and the other, which feels more like the truth but cannot exist without the first. Frida’s symbolism is always overt which can seem little childish on the surface but I think it conveys the idea that nothing is hidden, this woman wears her heart on her sleeve (literally!!).

Camille Pissarro-867876

L’lle Lacroix, Rouen by Cammille Pissaro

This is a painting that, had I seen it in a book or a print I wouldn’t have looked twice at. However, when standing in front of the original painting it consumed me. The petite brush strokes, the gentle muted colours, the heart-breaking beauty of the tableau… oh! Can’t begin to describe it. It must be seen. For me, this piece was a very sharp reminder of why I love art.  Apologies if I’m effusing all over the place, but it’s my favourite piece in the metaverse.


L’Oro Dell Azzurro by Joan Miro

Again with the blues… what can I say. I love a good blue! The name translates literally as the gold of the blue so I guess Miro agrees. This painting evokes in me a sensation – I immediately feel like it’s fresh, starry moonlight night and I’m lying on still warm grass with a glass of wine, a smoke and my beloved. Ok sure, it’s cheesy and obvious and all that but I love those moments so I’ll take it wherever I can get it!

Mora_Together6632Together by Mirka Mora

Out of sheer gluttony I’m adding a number 6.  I love Mora’s joyful and sad at the same time style.  Similar to The Two Frida’s above in that there are 2 diametrically opposing feelings which are inherently inseparable.  The bird is a constant theme as are the child-like personas.  Freedom, playfulness and sadness.  Quite the combination.

Friday Flix: #4 Pavement Art

I am such a sucker for those street chalk drawings.  I don’t care that they are a cliche, or uncreative or whatever it is the cynics don’t like about them.  As far as I’m concerned it’s clever, painstaking and cool to see!

Kurt Wenner

And I love just walking down the street and being captured by something so startling and intriguing.  However uncool they may be!

Julian Beever

It makes a drab CBD street come alive… it makes the city feel more vital… like there’s stuff going on.  And I like that in a town!

Tracy Lee Stum