The Bunny Chronicles

Well I can’t lay claim to be clicking the button, but I can lay claim to producing and art direction I guess…  it was my idea god dammit and I made it happen!



The Lady in the Jade Shoes

Sheer laziness… but here is an poem I wrote for Side Street, Sydney….

The Lady in the Jade Shoes

The lady in the jade shoes does not see, she does not hear.
She perches out front, a preposterous rear.
With a smile like a frown and an eye like a snack,
She clutches at my toes; a marshmallow attack.

The lady in the jade shoes cannot find her apron string,
It hides under the couch with the busted spring.
She screeches and sweats and flails a loose fist,
But it ignores the game, doubting that it’s missed.

The lady in the jade shoes is a steely bowl of custard,
Too certain, too sure, too wild, too flustered.
Monday to Sunday, she never sleeps a wink,
Doing everything and nothing, like a flatulent stink.

The lady in the jade shoes pumps her valves from afar,
Grateful I am; I do not share her proud boudoir.
A curiosity shoppe of the wicked and the weird,
She opens her doors but the chitlins are afear’d.

Ever sent a fan letter?

Remember when you were a kid and you got so into an author or an actor or a musician that you penned a letter, and you (shock horror) got one in return?

I am putting together a website which is a collection of photos/scans/transcriptions of those letters to kids from famous people. So if you have a one let me know.

Submit a letter!  Pretty please!

Jaybee Street

Happy 30th Birthday Jay!

Just a little clip we put together to celebrate Jannah’s 30th Birthday. Jannah is definitely a big kid, so what better way to do it than by taking a trip to Jaybee Street?

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