Manboob Monday: #3 Young Lads Can Do It Too

I honestly can’t decide if this is a boy or a lesbian… look apologies to the lesbians and the young boys but seriously, it’s not that clear. 

I’m gonna presume it’s a boy because, I don’t know, he seems boyish and I just can’t see any self-respecting woman taking a photo of them selves with “sup yo” written on their hand in texta.  I don’t know that he’s all that young either – that’s a serious amount of underarm hair so I’m thinking it’s just a fresh-faced man.

This gent has a serious b-cup going on.  I foresee a future of torturous dating ahead for this chappie.  Or at least investing in a manziere and never changing in front of others.   Although, he did both take and publicly publish, a photo of his own goods so he can’t be feeling all that put out by his boobage. 

Good luck to you my friend!

3 Responses

  1. Hairy arm pits.. Boyish?
    Long nails, and a helix in right ear.. Girlish

  2., that is scary! Maybe he’s just slightly overweight-you can’t tell from this photo, so it’s possibly, but he doesn’t look it from his face. I worry.

  3. Disturbing. Truly disturbing. I can sort of understand what’s going on with the larger chaps you’ve delighted in showing us pictures of – but what on earth is happening with this guy? Too much chicken?

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