A Valium & a Quick Shag

I’m someone who struggles with getting to sleep at times… it’s a bitch but most of the time I deal.  Recently Matt, who usually falls asleep about 30 seconds after his head touches the pillow, has been a bit stressed and was sleepless.  So he visited the doctor who prescribed him some valium. 

Never having gone down this route before I was a little curious… and who am I if not someone who is willing to steal another persons prescription narcotics, I mean really?  And by steal, I mean that I asked if I could have one and Matt said yes.

So here we both are, 10 minutes later… a little relaxed but still not terribly sleepy, when something surprising happens.  We find that we’re both a bit keen to make creative use of this free time…

Now call me crazy but I can’t say I’d have imagined valium to work as an aphrodisiac?  There’s nothing on the box to that effect, no-one ever mentions that as a side-effect and to be frank, we’re expecting sleep not sex! 

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever had sex on drugs before (I’ve certainly have done no such thing mum, sheesh!), but it was not like that at all.  It was oddly floaty… limbs feel disconnected from the rest of you and your head was just, nowhere.  Weird.

Valium is a strange beast…

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  1. i so don’t want to know!!

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