Double-dogging is for punks

So there’s this wacky new craze called ‘double-dogging’ apparently.  All the kids are doing it.  It’s when you dare someone to do something – hilarious!  (Ah sarcasm… my old friend.  You serve me well.).

See a few examples here

So where are these people that are so motivated?  I just don’t geddit.  Seems my friends are frickin lazy.  We might work up the chutzpah to do it once or even twice but that sucker is gonna get tired real quick.  I don’t want to be lazy – I want to be wacky and fun but seriously, I’m not gonna.

Well damn you, damn you to hell, apathy!  Is my life so super that I just can’t be fucked doing something mildly entertaining for a bit?  Hell no!  I’ve never been afraid of looking stupid for the purposes of entertainment.  So challenge me people… gimme something GOOOOOD.  But remember, you’re gonna have to be challenged too.

It can’t be any lame old dare.  It’s gotta be good.  A double-dog dare is well up the ‘dare’ scale.

DOUBLE-DOG DARE – verb phrase. Also: dog dare, double-black-dog dare, double-dare, n*gger-dare, niggle dare. Chiefly Southern, Southern Middle. To challenge defiantly. Note: The formulaic phrases build both on alliteration and (usually euphemistic) intensifiers. 1892 Dialectic Notes, 1.229 KY, Dare. Children in quarrelling say, “I dare you.” “I dog dare you.” “I black dog dare you.” “I double dog dare you.” “I double black dog dare you.”
From “Dictionary of American Regional English,” Volume II by Frederic G. Cassidy (1991, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., and London, England).

So fire up your imagination and let’s get cracking!  Soft-cocks need not apply.

Make it inventive and make it hard!
Nothing that can land me with a criminal record.
Photo/video evidence of the double-dog being completed is required.


5 Responses

  1. […] I’ve DoneTags: double-dog dare, glenn, matt, New York One of you soft-cocks finally gave me a dare which I completed, if I do say so myself, with great […]

  2. I’m gonna slap you upside yo head like cheese wiz sister!! I’m so up in yo face I’m borrowing sugar from your eyelids. I got more fattt beats than a lard house and I’m packin’ too. That’s right – you got some heat coming your way wickety wack lickety splitz. Sha-mon! (buy my album)

  3. yo Dido you wack bitch. Whad up? Your new album sucks ass. You don’t know no phat beats. Lame ass shit that’s what you do, you bacon bits ho.

  4. buy my new album. Booyah! Yeah that’s it, freakin you out oldskool with some winey beats fat in your aural ducts. Forget rick-rollin’, this is the new shit fo sho


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