Leopard print grundies are hot

 I think this shot of Julianne Moore is so hot I could just throw her down right here and now.  Heterosexuality notwithstanding.


While I’m not drooling allow me to point out the salient point. And I do have one.   The woman is 47 years old


Call me naive but that shot doesn’t look overly photoshopped.  I’m not suggesting it isn’t, but if it is they’ve showed a decent amount of restraint.  As American Photo magazine points out, compared to the ridiculous Ms Paltrow, Jules looks amazing and, unlike Gwynnie, seems to be a real flesh and blood person. 

Perhaps I’m biased.  I’ve loved her for quite some time and more particularly since her spectacular “Fuck you, motherfucker. Don’t call me lady” turn in Magnolia.  Then, I’ve always been a fan of the ginger*.  On chicks, that is.  Red hair, porcelain skin.  I wanted it.  Bad.  I tried to emulate that Scully-orange when I was in my twenties but the fact of the matter is that it really doesn’t work on brunettes with warm-toned skin.  It becomes more a sickly mahogany than that true orange that only a natch ginger* can do. 

Well all I can say is, Julianne, I salute your leopard-printed crotch.  And I hope that bruise on your inner upper thigh clears up ok.

* that’s ginger with an initial hard ‘g’ as opposed to 2 soft ‘g’s.  Natch.

4 Responses

  1. sidebar- FANTA PANTS!!!!!

  2. One of my previous very good friends used to wear tiger pants when she was going to allow me to be a bit more than friends with her. I think she just liked the glazed look that came over my eyes whenever I realised she had them on. Now, though, I’m very much Pavlov’s puppy when I see them. Not so keen on the redheads though, having been married to one. Pavlov again, maybe.

  3. I love her too. Increasingly more now since this little photo – ever since the days of Mr Altman’s Short Cuts…ahhh was she ever so young.. I’ve dug a woman with pale skin and an orange top. Of course she had no pants on at all back then, just a comely t-shirt (or at least that’s how I remember it)looking to get noticed in the hollywood starlet jungle. And yes to be completely crass the carpet matches the drapes (that means her pubic hair is also ginger). Come to think of it, which I do, she’s as hot then as she is now. If only my music could move people this way. Tomorrow I’m dying the hair red and ditchin’ the knickers! Buy my albums.

  4. yeah i’d do her. she is hot

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